Rules & Regulations

  1. Students should wear the prescribed uniform on all working days .
  2. Only English should be spoken in the school premises to acquire better fluency in the language
  3. Cleanliness in person and cloth is expected of every child. Students should come neatly dressed.
  4. No student should damage any school furniture and write or draw anything on the wall or in any way damage things belonging to others. Any damage done to school property will be compensated by the person who causes it. Damage  done even by accident should be reported at once to the class teacher or to the Principal.
  5. Students are advised to keep class rooms/ school campus as neat as possible and put leftovers in to the dustbins only.
  6. Disobedience or discourtesy towards any member of the staff or any such act which affects the discipline or tone of the school will be viewed seriously.
  7. Jewellery must not be worn to school. Fancy earrings,anklets, bangles, bracelets, fancy hair bands, clips,flowers finger-rings etc. are strictly forbidden.
  8. No students shall indulge in disfiguring or otherwise damaging school property. Use of violence in any form will be seriously dealt with Students should observe polite manners wherever they are. They should always remember that the school is judged by their conduct. Students should respect and greet their teachers when they meet them. Bullying and use of foul language are punishable offences. Since it is a co-educational school, it is expected that the students behave in a manner which brings good name to the school community and do not indulge in any anti-social activity in or outside the school.
  9. Mobile phones are strictly prohibitted in the School Campus
  10. Boys are advised to cut their hair regularly and keep it neatly combed on all working days
  11. Students should read and strictly adhere to the above rules & regulations. The observance of these rules is an essential condition to a student’s continuance in the school. In case a student violates the school rules or
  12. indulges in any form of indiscipline, strict action like expulsion/suspension shall be taken against the student 

  1. Parents should fill up the Record for Non-Attendance in the diary for each day the student is absent from school stating the reason for absence
  2. No child suffering from any contagious or infectious disease will be allowed to attend the school
  3. Students suffering from contagious disease must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to class
  4. Unauthorized absence of more than 15 consecutive days renders the students liable to have his/her name struck of the rolls. Re-admission will be with the in accordance provision laid on in CBSE guidelines.

  1. Parents are expected to co-operate with the school authorities by taking active interest in the progress of their children. Enforce regularity, punctuality and discipline in the child. Encourage the child to take a balanced interest in studies, co-curricular activities and sports.
  2. Parents should ensure the following:

      The school dairy is checked regularly and communications from teachers are noted.
      Books/exercise books are brought to school according to the time-table for the day.
      Uniform is clean and the child is neatly and smartly dressed.
      Home assignments are submitted regularly.
  3. Students are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings. Children are strictly forbidden from bringing expensive and valuable articles to school.
Updated on: 07 Feb 2019